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3 strokes healthy biscuit machine

  "Cookies oil volume, with a lighter that can burn, but also exudes the flavor oil taste particularly great!" Recently, one on the biscuit lighted video on the microblogging heat transfer, there are friends joked, eating every day mouth turned out to be "flammable."

    Faced with a variety of products on the market, oatmeal cookies, biscuit machine  barley biscuits, calcium crackers, yogurt, biscuits, consumers should be how to properly choose?
biscuit machine
    1 fat composition is very important

    According to reports, since the cookies contain a lot of carbohydrates, it can burn a normal chemical phenomena. Meanwhile, the biscuits contain starch and fat, and high oil content of the food, it is easy to be ignited, but the moisture content, also have a certain relationship. Associate Professor of Food Science, China Agricultural University, FAN Zhi introduction, biscuits are made from wheat flour, starch, sugar, hydrogenated vegetable oil, food additives and other ingredients. Biscuit flour is generally fine white powder, is relatively low nutritional value. If the ingredient is added to milk, nuts, whole grains or beans, you can increase the nutritional value of biscuits.

    Biscuit ingredients currently on the market in oil is mainly divided into three categories, one is the common vegetable oils, animal fats one is, there is a hydrogenated vegetable oil. Common vegetable oil is relatively good, animal fats saturated fatty acids high nutritional value is slightly lower, and contain trans fatty acids from butter, margarine, hydrogenated vegetable oil is relatively not conducive to health. "Some of the cookies ingredients marked oil as refined vegetable oil, is not relatively healthy?" According to reports, refined vegetable oil is a vague term, including hydrogenated vegetable oil, biscuit machine  also includes a refined palm oil rich in saturated fats.

    "A lot of health under the banner name of biscuits, its high fat content. Consumers in the purchase, be sure to see the ingredient list of ingredients, not blindly listen to advertising propaganda." Nutrition experts said that at present there are on the market most of the biscuits the problem of high fat content, to crackers, for example, less soda crackers fat content in the traditional sense, but also through the fermentation process, and thus easier to digest than other cookies. But in order to cater to the tastes of consumers, some of soda crackers crisp taste comparison, one reason is that more or less joined the margarine, palm oil and other ingredients. This means that, where a large proportion of saturated fatty acids. In general, the more crisp biscuit, higher fat content.

    In fact, I want to know the fat content is not difficult, with a tissue wrap biscuits, with the heavy pressure, over 10 minutes to see how much grease the paper. Grease the paper, the more fat content is higher. If the cake altogether and not greasy, but permeability to oil on a paper towel, but a lot of shows in which a high content of saturated fatty acids. Therefore, the surface does not look greasy and biscuits containing high fat instead of dinner, or a diet to lose weight, in fact, not science.

    2 cereal biscuits see fiber content

    Now, eat whole grains wholesome view has gained on the market a lot of roughage biscuit, fiber biscuits, such as Eight grains cake, whole barley, whole digestive biscuits and other treasures, these biscuits biscuit higher than the average price, taste There is also a variety of options, such as wild flavor, onion flavor, sesame barley taste like. Coarse grain crackers, fiber biscuits really healthier than ordinary biscuits?

    Fan Zhihong noted that grain, beans containing mainly insoluble fiber, taste is rough, and the fiber content of some high-fiber biscuits up to 6% or even 10% or more, a lot of rice flour habit of people do not like the rough feeling. And high-fiber foods if you can taste outstanding, rough and not rough, mainly oil act as a "lubrication" in which - after oil absorption becomes soft fiber, fiber products are usually higher fat content is relatively high. Because saturated fat softening of the fibers become more prominent, so some companies often use hydrogenated vegetable oils contain saturated fat or butter cookies to make processed products, the more crisp biscuit means containing more fat.

    There are many on the market today declared that "high fiber" coarse cereal biscuits, but if advertised on the packaging so-called whole wheat, oats, rye, corn and other raw materials biscuit, ranked last in the list of ingredients a few years, then it may not a true grain crackers. A case study with a certain brand of biscuits, the list of ingredients as "wheat flour, sugar, butter, vegetable shortening, peanut, whey powder, salt and so on." As can be seen from the product list of ingredients, the first ingredient is wheat flour biscuit, and the second is white granulated sugar, and the third is the vegetable shortening. And so on, the less the content of the rankings on the list. Therefore, depending on the time of purchase high-fiber cereal biscuits list fiber content of nutrients, if not less than five grams of high fiber biscuits.

    Need to remind consumers that, no matter how improved, biscuits still mainly "flour + oil + sugar" is made, and if it is like to eat cookies, crackers should be careful when choosing to view the list of ingredients and the nutrition table on the packaging, not small biscuits taste from the flavor and color - chocolate biscuit is not necessarily true of the production of cocoa butter, cocoa butter substitutes are likely to be produced imitation chocolate and cocoa butter which often contain trans fatty acids. In contrast, it contains vegetables, savory and sweet lighter, lower fat content, which is not crisp cookies crisp taste would be more healthy. biscuit machine  It should be noted that, regardless of any other nutrients increase, cookies can only be considered a low-nutrient snack products.

    3 different people distinguish choose

    Cookies have become an integral part of people's daily life a snack food, a lot of people choose to personal taste alone. Experts China Bakery Sugar Products Industry Association, said that at present the market is divided into biscuit crackers, graham crackers, sandwich biscuits and fortified biscuits and other categories, to different groups of people to choose the right of biscuits according to personal health.