Biscuit production line

Three cookies will starve to death did not dare biscuit machine eat mouth disease have cancer trick inside one figure

1. saltine crackers

    Now a variety of biscuit welcomed by everyone, especially the waffles more loved by the people, especially children of such cookies is put it down. But experts have warned that,   biscuit machine in this type of cookie in most of them contain a lot of fat and grease, prolonged consumption is likely to lead to human suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

    And if and usually eaten, then likely it will therefore affect the normal appetite and affect their normal growth and development.

    And wafers of very high butter fat content, each piece has 43 kilocalories, coupled with low density of such cookies, so even if eating is not easy to find. In fact, three chocolate waffles heat has more than 200 calories a.
biscuit machine
    2. Sandwich

    In addition to a variety of saltine crackers welcomed by everyone, there is a variety of sandwich crackers, like chocolate sandwich, strawberry sandwich crackers and the like. However, in most of these biscuits contain excessive points of sugar, fat and other substances, regular consumption will not only affect cardiovascular health, and may even lead to obesity.

    Two pieces of cheese cake calories generally as high as 185 calories, and which also contains a lot of artificial colors, if consumed regularly, then bad for your health.

    So no matter how delicious cookies are only snacks, but most are dry biscuits, after eating it is prone to have a "hot" (lit) needles. Therefore, in normal life, a variety of sandwich crackers also can go beyond that.

    3. Bulk biscuits

    We must pay special attention to when buying cookies, we must try to select those harmful to humans is relatively small biscuits, such as low-fat, low-sugar and low-calorie products.

    Such crackers usually does not lead to the intake of sugar, biscuit machine  fat, overweight, but also especially mindful of package nutrition labeling when buying, try to avoid choosing high fat, high sugar and high-calorie products. At the same time when it is best to buy a large supermarket to buy, in order to avoid low quality.

    In particular, be careful not to buy in bulk biscuits, especially those who do not individually wrapped bags of cookies, these cookies not only no guarantee of quality, at the same time one of the additives and sugar are seriously overweight.