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Sugar cookies will biscuit machine not get fat eating it

  Cookies are many people obsessed with a class of snack foods. A lot of girls say: I can not drink sweet drinks, no cake, but biscuits really addictive ah! Why do you always say do not deserve to eat cookies? The doctor said soda crackers is not very healthy? Sugar cookies will not sugar bad?

    Just a few days ago, a reporter sent me a copy of the relevant measurement result 10 brands of biscuits, and made a number of problems related to the nutritional value and biscuits. There is no harm to share friends, but also the way to answer the girls confused.

    What is the main ingredient of biscuits is it?

    The measurement results very clearly show that the moisture content of various biscuits are very low, because it is baked out, water can evaporate almost lost the. Up biscuit ingredients are carbohydrates, the second component is fat, the third ingredient is protein.

    From the measurement results, these 10 samples are carbohydrate  biscuit machine content between 55% -67% to 60% more. In other words, from the ingredients, they and biscuits, pie differences like little food staples, is a sugar + flour + oil produced food products. Therefore, we must reduce the staple food to eat the cookies.
biscuit machine
    Biscuit in the "carbohydrate" and "sugar" is not the same thing? Saccharide compounds are said to be divided into monosaccharides, disaccharides and polysaccharides, they have what is different? People can not eat sweetened lifetime desert?

    Yes, the food labels above out of the "carbohydrate" includes monosaccharides sum, disaccharides and polysaccharides. Which typically does not include dietary fiber, although from a chemical standpoint, the vast majority of dietary fiber is a carbohydrate, but they can not be digested and absorbed.

    Possible chemical basis of my friends will be weaker a little dizzy. So explain it. Theoretically, carbohydrates (carbohydrates) also known as sugars (saccharides), refers to a class of compounds of sugar units. However, the convention said, saying the so-called sugar (sugar), is a small molecule, sweet carbohydrates, including monosaccharides, as well as part of the disaccharide (sucrose, maltose and lactose). Starch (one digestible polysaccharides) can not be called sugar.

    However, the starch is glucose units    biscuit machine connected by made. After long chain starch molecules is hydrolyzed gradually into smaller pieces, eventually become maltose and glucose, which are sweet. So, after carefully chew food starch, I will feel a little sweet, because saliva amylase to starch hydrolysis became a sweetness of maltose (malt sugar, maltose Kanto sugar is done).