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Value for money reasons biscuit machine river monkey favorite aunt biscuits

This time, regardless of monkey biscuits is already not only "sell themselves" era, it is already not "Every potter praises, since the puff" of the times. Now increasingly fierce market competition, has already formed a buyer's market, consumers not only have more choice in terms of product selection, market transparency let product ingredients, prices and other information fully demonstrated in front of consumers. The value for money,  biscuit machine  naturally it is an important aspect of smart consumers when making purchase consideration.
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When it comes to value for money, it would say to the river in the group's products - Jiang Kou monkey biscuits. Since its launch in September 2013, Jiang Kou monkey biscuits Although strong sales figures as evidence, but its development can be described as twists and turns away. Cottage was challenged, let alone the original object just good products, the river has become passive media coverage, and finally through the defenders, brand meaning to clarify a variety of ways for their positive the body, but also give consumers more learn how to identify the river Regardless monkey biscuits genuine; the high price is said, in the Internet, many of them can see part of the users of the message - "Jiang Kou monkey biscuits too expensive" and even a media also for consumers to forget a T account: a bag of 720 grams (15 days pack) cookies, sold in supermarkets around a 130 yuan, the Internet has to sell around 100 yuan. Note Well, if you really "the morning to eat a little, eat a little in the afternoon," then eat an average of 6.67 yuan a day.

The problem here, one day less than 7 yuan for biscuit consumption, consumers in the river monkey biscuits is worth it regardless of the value of the thing or bad?

Regardless of good or monkey biscuit from the commodity itself,. Jiang Kou monkey biscuits is currently based on the reality of the high incidence of stomach society point of view, research carried out by the therapeutic methods stomach a diet product. Therefore, the river monkey biscuits Regardless whether the stomach is the key to this product is value for money. After market research and surveys, there are several aspects to lay our confidence:

First, the selection of raw materials and stomach, not fraud. Jiang Kou monkey biscuits core material is known as the "stomach Shanzhen," the Hericium, with real selected ingredients add rather than as a marketing gimmick, is the river monkey biscuits stomach Regardless effect one aspect of the guarantee.

Second, adequate, dosing, not random. Perhaps after seeing the first, some consumers will disdain: Add hericium have any difficulty. Yes, but perhaps not enough to add hericium grounds as the river monkey biscuits Regardless value for money, but, you know stomach focuses raise, how to raise a vexing problem. Dip in the pharmaceutical industry for decades regardless of the river Group monkey biscuit R & D process, every piece of biscuit are guaranteed to contain a sufficient amount of Hericium, so as to provide support stomach.

Third, promote rigorous, do not exaggerate. Used to see the exaggerated effect of advertising, regardless of monkey biscuits ads in play at the beginning have been "taken for granted" question. In this regard, the river Group Marketing Department introduced this way: "We are what it must be stressed that what we say monkey biscuits Regardless morning to eat a little, eat a little in the afternoon, it refers to a packet of morning, three cakes, afternoon a small, three cakes, it can achieve the purpose, because it is full of feed. "dietetic products for scientific rigor, and is one of the key river Regardless monkey biscuits convincing.

Product advertising is manual, maybe this is enough to answer the  biscuit machine iver monkey biscuits Regardless value for money problem. A good product, price is only one aspect, from an economic point of speaking, in fact, people should be concerned about is its value, if the eyes away from the simple numbers, but considering the benefits behind the numbers, maybe all of We will follow to resolve the question.