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Oreo cookies isolated biscuit machine melamine Indonesia

Came a production line in Suzhou Oreo chocolate waffles in Indonesia found to contain melamine,  biscuit machine causing many people concern, but yesterday in Nanjing, the reporter found a number of large shopping malls and supermarkets in the sale of Oreo cookies still normal, The industry and commerce, quality inspection departments who responded that countries did not issue a warning on such cookies. In this regard the biscuit producers also said that at present the company's Oreo products do not contain Chinese milk ingredients locally sourced.
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It is understood that the relevant government departments Indonesia recently announced a series of food containing melamine, including two in Suzhou production of Oliver Aowei products. Reporters in Nanjing, some large supermarkets and food mall to see, Weihua Oreo cookies, chocolate sandwich biscuits and other remained on the shelf in a conspicuous place, supermarket staff said authorities did not receive a warning notice. The reporter yesterday asked the provincial industry and commerce and quality inspection departments concerned, they both said that the current national quality inspection department did not issue a warning that cookies containing melamine, have not received the shelf notice.

For this reporter's inquiry, the product manufacturer Kraft Foods Inc. emergencies to reporters yesterday came a statement that said the company's Oreo products do not contain Chinese milk ingredients locally sourced. Where the company in China's non-chocolate coating products include Oreo Oreo Double Heart crisp wafer, clever crisp rolls, sandwich cookies, etc. do not contain milk ingredients. While in China the production of Oreo products containing chocolate coating such as Oreo White Chocolate Wafer, dark chocolate wafers, sandwich cookies and other mint taste does contain milk ingredients, but their raw milk ingredients all come from abroad . And the company's own inspection reports show that Aowei of Origen does not contain melamine. China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and South Korea have detected Oliver Aowei of Chinese production, the results also show that these products do not contain melamine. At present, the company has made contact with the Indonesian authorities, "and look forward to working with them to further clarify the facts."

According to the reporter, the melamine incident has spread to  biscuit machine  several well-known foreign brands of food, in addition to Oreo, there are M & M's chocolate, Lipton tea, Cadbury and so on.