Biscuit production line

Biscuit machine production safety to advanced dynamic air disinfection equipment and technology

 Baking cookies is one of the most common food products, the most popular in China. Usually people choose love cookies as a snack, in addition to its good taste anything but the body needs to replenish their energy. This fast food in the country can be described as wind and water mix.
    In recent years, there have been well-known companies biscuit machine products are exposed to food safety issues, including the Master, Oishi, Pacific soda and so on. Now it seems to protect health and safety is the biscuit business of measures to improve the competitiveness of the inevitable.
    Where the total number of colonies, fungi and other microbes exceeded, is troubled by a lot of biscuit biscuit factory especially small and medium enterprises is a major problem. For such problems, the media constantly reports done.
    To prevent excessive microbial problems biscuit products, a variety of measures should be taken: 1. Strengthening health production process control environment, facilities. 2. Note baking health management product packaging area, to avoid cross-contamination. 3. Strengthening health awareness training of operating personnel, prompting staff to develop conscious health habits. 4. Strengthening health management efforts suppliers. Now, the health part of the packaging material manufacturer is not optimistic, packaging materials enterprises should strengthen management in this regard.
    To solve these problems, enterprises should make reasonable biscuit production revolution in production processes and more attention. Preservatives and physical and chemical indicators can be used to control the production technology, which is capable of self-control companies. The microbial contamination has become a bottleneck restricting biscuits production enterprise development.