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Cookies durian cake more biscuit machine delicious snacks to eat more

Today, the "snack addicts" More and more, a lot of people eating snacks to relieve the pressure. On the other hand, crispy and delicious snack but also to meet our needs for the taste.  biscuit machine   However, had to remind everyone that fat is a wonderful tool for manufacturing snacks taste, taste better the food, the more we should beware of its fat content.
biscuit machine
Take cookies, many people only know their taste good, but do not know what they eat is. Experts said: "cookies when making a lot of butter to join, the resulting consequences are high in fat (some up to 50%), especially high in saturated fats and trans fatty acids."

Chinese Lunar New Year, many people like to buy durian cakes, coconut cakes, pineapple cakes, almond cakes and other "Crisp" foods entertain family and friends, but this flavorful taste depends on a lot of fat (including trans fatty acids), sugar, and many additives, high-energy high-fat, but low overall nutritional value, must not eat. In addition, 
biscuit machine   it must be careful taste very good high fiber or roughage biscuits. Fiber biscuits rough texture, but the fiber is very good at the absorption of fat, put enough oil, biscuits naturally becomes crispy and delicious, and yet lose health significance.