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Moray burn crackers biscuit machine with a range of children born refreshments

Kitchen nirvana

Text, graphics / Guangzhou Daily reporter Cao Jing

Sneak afternoon tea, taste snacks are a  biscuit machine  lot of white-collar yearning. Chef recommends a sword Ning ingenuity salty snack Roasted eel pie. Eel meat is tasty shells teeth, seasonal fish eel is considered in the top grade, the taste is very delicious, to bring new enjoyment tongue.
iscuit machine

Eel an (optional little body lean), soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, South milk, garlic, sugar, onion, Yang Ge, ginger and so on.


1. Eel gutted, cleaned, cut roll Motif, just the right size for dessert style.

2. To join the eel meat with garlic, dried onion, Ge Yang, a little ginger meat, and accompanied teriyaki sauce, chives, South milk seasoning, marinated for 20 minutes with a little soy sauce color, wok oil Slowly dip heat, three minutes after the pot, add a little maltose, decorated with caviar sauce can be.


This is a uniquely an afternoon snack, natural color, clear sauce thickens, taste Ruannuo entrance full of typical teriyaki taste, unique flavor of Japanese sushi, dim sum and quite British styling refreshments style. Barbecue chef right technology, will burn eel meat behave like undersea treasure, eel meat Shangzhui green, purple caviar is the finishing point of the magical effect, to enhance the sense of artistic snacks. Last eel meat shop in the iscuit machine  British-style crackers, modeling lively yet rigorous, to admire artistic creativity of the chef. This is really an afternoon snack for white-collar high-end atmosphere on the grade.