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Xu Jinglei endorsement mushroom biscuit machine monkey biscuits being sued infringement

By the famous movie star Xu Jinglei endorsement of the "river monkey mushroom stomach cookies" sue alleged copyright infringement by consumers today, Haidian District Court has formally accepted the case. It is reported that November 18, 2014, Haidian District Food and Drug Administration has determined that these  biscuit machine actions involved in product advertising, inconsistent with relevant laws and regulations, it shall be ordered to correct and given a warning.
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    Case the plaintiff consumer Lee told reporters, "Jiang monkey mushroom stomach cookies" in its television advertising, declared: "the river monkey mushroom stomach biscuits, designed for crowd stomach designed to meet the core needs of stomach crowd." And the product of the famous actress Xu Jinglei also invited to speak, but also increase the "river monkey mushroom stomach biscuit," the impression, that this cookie does have a role in stomach Stomach and quality, so he bought a monkey mushroom cookies with to improve the treatment of tail discomfort problems. But buy find so-called "stomach cookies" and no different from ordinary cookies, but to delay their timely medical treatment and therapy, to the Lee spiritual and material damage caused. To this end, Mr. Lee presented July 6 to the Beijing Haidian District People's Court sued Jiangxi food Party food medicine Square Food Co., Ltd., Xu Jinglei and other defendants jointly and severally to bear responsibility to compensate the plaintiff 10 times 7830 yuan loss, and a public apology.

    In addition, Lee also learned from other sources, in November 18, 2014, the Beijing Haidian District Food and Drug Administration determined that "the river monkey mushroom stomach cookie" advertising behavior, does not meet the circulation of food safety supervision and management measures provisions of Article 20: "Food labels, manuals, there may not exaggerating the contents may not involve disease prevention or treatment.." To this end, Haidian District, food and drug regulatory authorities to make "order correction, given a warning," the administrative punishment decisions about their products.

    It is reported that the revised law will come into effect the purposes of advertising this year on September 1. The new law, endorsers in advertisements for goods and services do testimonials, should be based on facts and in accordance with this Law and relevant laws and administrative regulations, and are not allowed to unused did not receive the goods or services do testimonials. In the "false advertisements do recommend administrative penalties proved less than three years of natural persons, legal persons or other organizations may not be longer endorsements." In short, that is false advertising celebrity endorsements once fined three years may not be endorsements. Analysts believe that the great strength of this provision, capable of forming a Forced mechanism,  biscuit machine so that star endorsements automatically regulate behavior.