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Break the shackles of the traditional way of cooking mushrooms monkey biscuits and drinks to open a new model Stomach

With the current pace of life continues to accelerate, urban office workers to work overtime, stay up late, eating disorders and other phenomena more serious, making the stomach crowd increasing proportion of the total population. According to health department statistics, the incidence of stomach nearly 30% of the total number of patients with stomach across the country and a rough estimate of potential patients, nearly 300 million people, the face of increasing rate of stomach illness, Stomach Huwei become a national priority. It is also an important reason now a substantial rise in demand Hericium Stomach Huwei have effect on the market.

Hericium, also known as monkey mushrooms, as one of four dishes, always have a "Shanzhen Hericium, seafood, shark fin," he said. Folk proverb says, "monkey eat mushrooms, rejuvenation." Many studies of modern medicine and pharmacology has also showed Hericium boost the immune system, stomach, and in lowering blood pressure,    biscuit machine      anti-aging effect, and therefore become the current hot Hericium stomach health ingredients, but with urban life accelerating pace, the traditional way of cooking hericium increasingly presented anachronistic state, the new way of simple food hericium increasingly recognized by consumers.
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To overcome the traditional drawbacks eat Hericium, mushroom monkey biscuits and drinks to achieve simple Stomach

It is understood that the traditional method of eating mostly Hericium soup and fried-based, for example, a very famous dishes "Hericium lotus root soup bones", "chicken soup vegetarian lion head", "braised hericium", "monkey head mushroom pork "and so on, but by the relevant survey showed that while many people know hericium health effects and consumption methods, but because of soup and cooking step process cumbersome, time-consuming, most city workers in general Under difficult to find time to cook, so the traditional way of eating monkey-head for most people, only when the holiday break, and perhaps will choose to eat the way. So Hericium addition to the traditional way of cooking, there is no other form of eating it?

After the consumer market survey, we found that in view of Hericium Stomach Huwei effect, more and more food companies and some large pharmaceutical companies are turning hericium and Hericium composition and biscuits, drinks the combination of ingredients, research and development and production of a monkey monkey mushroom mushroom cookies with drinks. It is understood that the monkey mushroom biscuits and drinks due to its simple and convenient way to carry a launch by the praise of consumers, the market sales are growing, so the success of urban office workers out of the traditional edible hericium complex Stomach the way.

But with a variety of brands on the market mushroom monkey biscuits and drinks are emerging, the moment when consumers go to the supermarket to buy, most people will look tired, I do not know which brand is the best choice? So we especially FMCG food market, a senior who did the interview, let's take a look at his proposal.

The right choice for monkey mushroom brand biscuits and drinks, the March show with high-quality coffee to capture the market

With the monkey mushroom stomach biscuits and drinks this new model is increasingly being recognized by the public, research and production of such products on the market also increase brand. Zhuolu mushroom monkey face pack biscuits and drinks market, the relevant industry veteran in How to choose a monkey mushroom biscuits and drinks branding gives us the following advice.

First, select the monkey biscuits and drinks mushroom Hericium ingredients should see their bag on the number, the higher the content, the more worthy choice. Secondly, look at the monkey mushroom biscuits and drinks prices, and finally, to see the monkey mushroom research and production of biscuits and drinks brands. If Hericium content, but low prices, brand is not large, it is not recommended to choose, because they can be fake. If Hericium content, affordable, the brand famous, that this brand of monkey biscuits and drinks on mushroom worthy choice.

Based on the above recommendations,   
biscuit machine     we monkey mushroom biscuits and drinks on the market do the current market sample survey shows that in many brands of monkey mushroom cookies and drinks, Henan Food Co., Ltd. Sanjiu coffee show monkey mushroom cookies and beverages With 12 percent of hericium content and the average price of 48 yuan per 500 grams, making it a cost-effective identity to the fore in many mushroom monkey biscuits and drinks brands, vigorously sought after by consumers. It is understood, Henan thirty-nine coffee Food Co., Ltd. show as Sanjiu Enterprise Group, a subsidiary, and its research and production philosophy to adhere to the standards of production and development of pharmaceutical products in the industry has maintained a good reputation. At this year Chengdu rum, which dried mushroom porridge Road rice pudding, a small US-sook, 72 beneficial lactic acid bacteria drinks, biscuits and monkey mushroom new products, also gained reputation and sales double harvest. For this reason, it is learned Henan Food Co., Ltd. Sanjiu coffee show, on the basis of the sales under the original line, in particular an increase online sales of products, such as Taobao, Jingdong, the 1st online shops have opened franchise stores, in order to to meet the purchasing needs of consumers.

The moment, monkey mushroom stomach biscuits and drinks as food widely loved by the public, to achieve a health class FMCG food ingredients and modern perfect combination of Hericium successfully subvert the traditional method of eating, but also gives the FMCG food regimen effect, so that consumers will be able to achieve the purpose of Stomach Huwei through diet, creating a new model of a simple stomach.