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Biscuit cake condiment multiple biscuit machine batches of imported substandard

Reporters from today (21) held on May news release Shandong Inspection and Quarantine Bureau was informed that, in April of this year, Shandong ports total of 544,300 passengers check immigration  biscuit machine  officers found 3,514 cases of cases in which 239 cases of infectious diseases. Intercepted a total of plant diseases in animals and plants and their products entering the country in 2515 approved intercepted plant epidemic products mainly from the United States, South Korea, New Zealand, Australia and other countries.
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Concern is that in April 2015 a total of Shandong port inspection and quarantine of imported food and cosmetics 1493 grant, the value of $ 88,850,000. The detection involves important safety and health programs substandard imported food, cosmetics 30 batches of substandard products involving eight categories of products, mainly spices, cakes biscuits and other, mainly from Japan, Malaysia and South Korea and other countries or regions, the main reasons for failure are excessive heavy metals, additives and substandard quality and other issues. Inspection and quarantine department of substandard imported food,   biscuit machine  cosmetics were done according to the law returned, destroyed other treatment.