Biscuit production line

In addition to cookies but also biscuit machine to transform Twist Mascara

In recent years, drugs, lipstick, mascara poison, toxic nail polish, cosmetic excessive heavy metal exposure continues, not only is a small brand, even big brands are not immune, if your skin is sensitive, used this type of cosmetic face might covered with rashes. biscuit machine  In addition to the words of Oreo cookies "Twist", "lick", "dip", sweet in your mouth, you can also "cross" the Beauty sector to quietly make an elegant Oh sweet mascara. This issue JAC laboratory to teach you how to make biscuits mascara.

    The results:
biscuit machine
    Color: The color of this DIY mascara to partial brown

    Odor: The DIY mascara because there Oreo and honey, very sweet smell

    Effect: After waiting for ten minutes, to experience a handful of reporters, this mascara to use very smooth, sticking to wipe his face with a tissue, there is no one, and brush out eyelashes stud clear, brushing before and after comparison is also evident, and no fly leg appear, there is an air of sweet fragrance. Reporters tried this mascara lashes one afternoon, and did not feel any discomfort.

    Experimental Analysis

    Why choose Oreo? Mainly because Oreo closer to the color of the eyelashes in color, choose honey because it has a viscous, it can be solid colors. Well, both of which together will not cause skin allergies and other problems? Reporter consulted the First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University, Department of Dermatology, deputy chief physician Liu Shengxiu, she said, Oreo and honey are edible, in most cases will not cause harm to the skin, "unless it is a very sensitive individual skin quality. "

    In fact, it can be around a lot of cosmetics, DIY, such as using child edible crayons +  biscuit machine honey + olive oil can DIY a lipstick. Need to be reminded that, although these materials are relatively natural, but as a pro-allergy skin before using these DIY cosmetics, we must pay attention to the skin inconspicuous place to try oh.