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Part biscuit called a health effect worth biscuit machine double experts say do not fly

No clinical proof biscuit "stomach"

Recently, some members of the public to reflect the name of the market now, there were many medicinal effects of biscuit, with Yang Wei, the raising of the spleen, Yang Shen, etc., and these cookies are not low price. Reporters looked at a large supermarket Lishan,  biscuit machine a 720 g package of monkey biscuits Regardless of price than one hundred dollars, the supermarket staff, this is just the promotional price, while the same weight of a coarse grain crackers price is only 50 Yuan. Biscuits plus pharmaceutical propaganda, the price to go up immediately.

Sales staff said that many medicinal effects plus biscuits selling pretty good, although the price is high, but won a lot of consumers.
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Duhui really told reporters, whether it is functional or ordinary crackers biscuits, can only be used as food for human consumption, not as medicinal. The reporters found that claims to have stomach efficacy of cookies, which are actually in the country to apply for Food and Drug Administration website is biscuit production license number. According to the business department staff, general health care, then it will indicate the health food "blue hat" logo on the product packaging, but reporters in the most functional biscuit packaging box did not find the mark. In the current provisions of the State Food and Drug Administration health food 27 functional range, but also not "stomach" function one said.

 eating cookies can not lose weight, even contrary

Jinan people Ms. Lee recently trying to lose weight, breakfast, lunch, all eat very little, eat fruit at night, but in the afternoon and evening hungry tears, she would eat a few biscuits to eat. Lee believes that eating a few will not affect the weight loss, and in order to achieve weight loss, Lee also specially selected coarse grain crackers.

Reporters randomly selected coarse grains to a subsection of the more popular biscuit, which ingredients are: flour, eggs, salt, refined vegetable oil, sugar, antioxidants, emulsifiers, onion, food additives. Nutritional Information (per 100g) are: energy 2100KJ, protein 6.8g, fat 33.0g, - trans fatty acids 0g,  biscuit machine carbohydrate 42g, dietary fiber 6.2g, sodium 240mg. NRV% of which energy (NRV) of 25%, NRV% fat, 55%

Du Zhuren said that 100 grams of bread is about 945 calories kJ, and the heat 100 grams of biscuits is 2100 kJ, twice as much bread. So, if there are people who want to rely on a weight loss program as a diet snack crackers, the effect will certainly be counterproductive.

Du Zhuren advised, if you want to lose weight but likes to eat cookies, it is recommended to buy low-sugar, low-calorie product, the less additives more can achieve weight loss results.