Biscuit production line

Carrot biscuits machine herself with colors to create a cookie

 biscuit machine
  You see this topic, carrot biscuits machine, will think this is to make biscuits with carrots. There are hair done before with carrot over a biscuit, named vegetable biscuits. This is because the road biscuit carrot mold, similar to the shape of carrots. If that is the desserts have a cure effect, colorful dessert should be cured in the cure. A look at is the joy. This road is also very simple biscuit practice, it is suitable to do with the children, in the extrusion die patterns, the kind of curious children and happiness, but also make you feel happy. In my opinion, which always have a happy life colorful colors, color always can give people emotions emotions. The color is always more lovable positive, as this road as biscuit machine color.