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Metabolic vegetable cream biscuit cake biscuit machine long remember the right amount

Readers Jun Jun Mommy: usually give their children to eat delicious cakes,  biscuit machine bread, cookies, etc., which contain what is the cream margarine heard great harm to the human body, to worry about your child's health?. The food was how to distinguish what is the use of plant or animal butter cream?
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The Secretary-General @ Guangdong Institute of Nutrition, Department of Nutrition Zhongshan University Professor Chen Yuming, a national nutritionist Wang Lei Jun:

Common creamy color, flavor and taste of food because, much consumers. However, many of the animals that cream products, but was replaced by margarine. Vegetable cream, the scientific name "hydrogenated oil" is added to the vegetable oil in a metal catalyst, introducing hydrogen to make vegetable oil with animal fat function. Currently on the market most of the cake are used in bread, vegetable cream.

Margarine processing vegetable oil from soybean oil, taste good, for the business of low cost, long shelf-life. However, it is the main component of trans fatty acids, long-term consumption will have a low density of fat, increase the systemic risk of cardiovascular disease - high levels of trans fats, are absorbed by the body time to digest higher than normal intake of fat is about 5 times. For fat metabolism are relatively poor, people who have chronic diseases, great harm, easily lead to diabetes, high blood pressure and so on.

It is understood that margarine is great, many countries have already begun to limit the harm to human body. Denmark, the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, France and other countries have regulations on the market any more than 2% trans fatty acids in oils are disabled, food nutrition labels must also be labeled trans fatty acid content of the product. But the Chinese intake of trans fatty acids is not high,  biscuit machine so our country is not yet relevant legal regulation. Although the countries have adopted the relevant technology to reduce the content of trans fatty acids in the product, but to the extent there is no reduction in standards.