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Quanzhou a man to the supermarket to biscuit machine buy biscuits expired fake claims more than 2000 yuan

Strait News Minnan version November 1 (trainee reporter Yu Lan Xia Pengcheng) yesterday, Mr. Xiong received a telephone tip lines, said he bought six boxes at the supermarket Oreo cookies are expired, supermarket refused to compensate.  biscuit machine Things under the coordination of Quanzhou Food and Drug Administration, and quickly resolved. Bruin obtain the supermarket side "to a lost decade" of 2616 yuan compensation.

Supermarket acknowledges that management oversight, will reflect consolidation, similar situation will not happen again. As a "professional fake people" Xiong fought a "victory." Some say he motives, he said he Lijiliren.
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Event: Supermarket recognize management oversight

Yesterday 8:00, Xiong in Quanzhou Area supermarket to buy six boxes Gift Box Oreo cookies, the total price of 261.6 yuan. These cookies are one year shelf life, a box has expired Oct. 22, and the remaining five boxes of 30 October expired.

Both parties then to Quanzhou Food and Drug Administration to accept coordination. Finally, the supermarket management to recognize the existence mistakes, expired foods are not timely shelves, finally Bruin insistence "In a lose ten," the appeal, on the spot compensate 2,616 yuan, and to Bruin for return.

Relevant person in charge of the supermarket said that the first half of supermarket products Advent, the system will alert, former general product expires will be off the shelf sealed a week. The expired products on supermarket management is indeed because of negligence, because of the recent year-end goods store inventory, inventory staff busy, no time will expire food shelves. Supermarkets will be to rectify the event to reflect, similar situation will not happen again.

For "professional fake people", the official said, this is not recent, Quanzhou active in the field of more than professional fake people, supermarkets often share relevant case alerts. But he also acknowledged, to put an  biscuit machine end to this phenomenon is the most fundamental is the supermarket itself to strengthen self-discipline, strict management, so as not to "Everybody finding fault."